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Elite Travel The key to your Next Destination            Elite Travel The key to your Next Destination      Elite Travel The key to your Next Destination      



Vip Services

VIP MEET & ASSIST: we meet the clients at the airport; escort them to airline VIP lounge where they can enjoy a different treatment level. Moreover, we provide luxury vehicles with a driver throughout their journey.


We provide private jets to business professionals, to maximize their time efficiency. Travelling by private jet is the most comfortable, safe, secure and confident way of flying your company’s senior business executives and we meet all your yachting requirements between islands and cities to explore magnificent destinations .Throughout sailing we give attention to the fine details that make the difference.


Our aim is to provide and promote excellent services 24/7 to ensure that your needs are always satisfied and served beyond expectations.
We always search for good rates and special offers to meet your budgets and requests.




My line of work includes so much travel, and I've been through several great, good and bad experiences with many travel agencies, but to find a travel agency so intutive to my needs and taking it a step further is so rare I was in a state of disbelieve during my first trip with Elite Travel, I am certainly taking my business to them everytime, and I do recommend them to citizins of the world...

Mai Quateen

I booked my Honeymoon Package through the wonderful team of Elite Travel & Tourism, and the experience was so delightful I never wanted to go back to real life, Thank you Elite Travel for making an already special Occasion even more special.

Amer Jarrar