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Elite For Travel and Tourism Company is founded with a Main focus on Business Executives requirements thus we are available 24/7 to meet their expectations and make them come true. Nevertheless, you will be eager to discover a series of splendid services that suit your taste and satisfy your needs.

Elite Travel services entail but not limited to Ticketing, Hotels Reservation, Airport VIP Lounges and Pick Up, Honeymoon Packages, Private Jets Booking, Private Boats Booking and so many other services that you will be only able to recognize when you join on board.

A Message from the Chairman

On behalf of Elite Travel team I am glad to welcome you on board where you will discover an entire and unforgettable series of services that take you to another level of trust, efficiency and no time record responsiveness so fasten your seat belt and indulge yourself with different sort of sensations like you’ve never felt before. We in Elite Travel match your requirements and treat them with utmost urgency to save you time and eliminate all your fears from being late to join your meetings or your family leisure plans.

The Chairman

“always think “Elite Travel is the Key to your Next Destination”.”

Elite VIP Services


Airport VIP Meet & Assist

Arranging for this service means that you will have the luxury of having us escort and expedite procedures at the airport up to and including passport control.
On arrival, we will provide meet and greet services before passport control, help you with passport control and luggage pick-up, and escort you to your driver. On departure, we can arrange for a driver to pick you up from your hotel and drop you off at the airport. One of our friendly agents will then escort you through all airport procedures via VIP counters until after passport control.

Private Jet & Yacht Charter

We are incredibly delighted to provide this luxury service, our goal is to provide to our clients with seamless travel paired with luxury accommodations.
For those who have an affinity for fine & classy travel, look no further; This high-class service guarantees the same standard of excellence from the moment you step on your private charter continued throughout your entire itinerary.
Not only will you feel confident knowing that you are in the right hands but you will also feel valued and taken care of, with special charter rates and hotel perks.

Corporate Travel Services

In today’s corporate culture, the world is getting smaller as companies rely on corporate travel to get them to client sites and business meetings in other cities and countries. Businesses are no longer limited to meeting others in the same geographical areas – when a conference call just won’t do, many executives and employees simply book travel to be face to face with their most important clients.
Our team of expert advisors can offer solutions to ensure value convenience; assessing your travel needs and offer ways to ensure savings while taking advantage of our strong relationships with airlines, hotels and other business travel services.


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Why Choose Us

Efficient and friendly service

Our expert team takes pride in their thoughtful approach to planning your holiday. We find out what you think might make it extra special, then sprinkle in our own special little touches ( even a surprise to enjoy while you’re away) to help create your dream holiday.

Flexible and hassle free

We’re here to take the stress out of the holiday planning process. You can be as involved as you want, and you are always in control. Everything is tailored to your exact needs and tastes, and we will keep tweaking and adapting until it feels just right.

Passionate, honest experts

After decades of business experience and a lifetime of living and traveling to our destinations, we have developed a deep knowledge and formed relationships with the most impressive experts in their fields. We pride ourselves on being able to ask the right questions so that you can trust we get exactly what you’re after.

Value and prices

Depending on what you’re booking, our price will be comparable to what you’d pay by going direct…it might even be cheaper. We make our money by negotiating contracted rates with the hotels, expert guides, activity providers and airlines we work with.

Life is in the detail

We are a creative luxury travel company who take
a thoughtful approach to creating tailor-made holidays.

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What Customers Say

  • I booked my Honeymoon package through the wonderful team of Elite Travel & Tourism, and the experience was so delightful i never wanted to go back to real life, thank you Elite Travel for making an already special occasion even more special.
    Amer Jarrar
    Managing Partner
  • My line of work includes so much travel, and I've been through several great, good and bad experiences with many travel agencies, but to find a travel agency so intutive to my needs and taking it a step further is so rare i was in a state of disbelieve during my first trip with Elite travel, I am certainly taking my business to them every time, and i do recommend them to citizens of the world...
    Mai Quateen
    Managing Partner

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